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  • KAPPA PEG (Kappa Pegasi)

    Fourth magnitude (4.13) Kappa Pegasi, of no proper name, 112 light years away (give or take 3), is the second-most western star with a Greek letter in Pegasus (the Flying Horse, of course). It's just barely beaten out for the western honor (such as it is) by second magnitude Enif (Epsilon Peg). No matter, position is irrelevant to the Kappa's nature as a nifty very close triple that requires interferometry to resolve and study. ... Full Details


Looney and Stephens

  • Sculpting solar systems: Magnetic fields seen for first time

    Illinois astronomy professor Leslie Looney (left) and former graduate student Ian Stephens, now at Boston University, studied a newborn star to see, for the first time, the magnetic field that will shape the planets of that star’s solar system. ... Full Details

  • 'Weirdo' Supernova Explosions Studied by Foley

    A strange and sneaky type of supernova has exploded in a galaxy not so far away. University of Illinois Astronomer Ryan Foley has led the effort to classify and study this class of 'weirdo' supernova explosions, which was featured featured in a recent National Geographic article. ... Full Details

  • Matt Turk has been named a Moore Investigator in Data-Driven Discovery

    Matthew Turk has been named a recipient of a Moore Investigator Award in Data-Driven Discovery from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. These awards are part of the foundation’s Data-Driven Discovery Initiative, which is committed to enabling new types of scientific breakthroughs by supporting interdisciplinary, data-driven researchers.Turk plans to use the five-year award to further develop the “yt project,” which he founded to help his own study of early stars. ... Full Details

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