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Tetons and Snake River, Planet Earth

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  • 44 BOO (44 Bootis)

    Just when you think that star systems can get no odder, along comes something like 44 Bootis, known best by its Flamsteed number and less romantically as HR 5618 in the Bright Star Catalogue, qualifying at fifth magnitude (4.81). At first look, a magnitude 5.2 solar type class G2 dwarf (but given as warm as F7) is in mutual orbit with a magnitude 6.10 K2 (G? K4?) dwarf with a period of 209.8 years, the two never more than a few tenths of a second of arc apart, ... Full Details



  • FUIO Newsletter Issue #8

    The Summer Solstice 2014 issue of the Friends of the Observatory Newsletter is published. Since the last newsletter we continue progressing toward our goal of $20,000. Thus far we are over 75% of the way there! Thank you for your continued support. The latest issue include articles on Teaching Excellence, the 60th Anniversary of the UIAS Anniversary, and the VRO Log Cabin. ... Full Details

  • Tips for Star-Gazing

    Professor Emeritus Jim Kaler has some tips for star-gazing. The tips were published recently in the News-Gazette. ... Full Details

  • El Gordo Study

    Felipe Menanteau, professor of Astronomy, is studying El Gordo galaxy cluster using the Hubble telescope. Read more from LAS here. ... Full Details

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