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Milky Way over Uluru

Star of the Week

  • ZETA CRB (Zeta Coronae Borealis)

    Actually "stars," as it's double. Or is it triple, or maybe quadruple, even quintuple. To partially quote Laurel and Hardy, "Well here's another nice mess... " From Smythe and Chambers in the nineteenth century: "A fine double star, in the middle of the space over the wreath, and 10 degrees N. a l ... Full Details


Pluto (NASA)

  • NASA's Three-Billion-Mile Journey to Pluto Reaches Historic Encounter

    NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is at Pluto. After a decade-long journey through our solar system, New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto Tuesday. ... Full Details

  • What can we learn from the first close-up look at Pluto via NASA's New Horizon probe?

    Astronomy buffs and anyone intrigued by Pluto (okay, pretty much everyone) should be excited about the first ever close-up view of Pluto via NASA's New Horizon probe. Charles Gammie, professor of astronomy and physics, explains why this is a big deal. ... Full Details

  • Rukmani Vijayaraghavan Named First Chu Award Winner

    Graduate student Rukmani Vijayaraghavan has been named the first recipient of the Mr. and Mrs. Hsiang-Pai and Wen-Hua Chu Department of Astronomy Excellence in Research Graduate Student Award. Congratulations! ... Full Details

  • Jim Kaler's websites surpass 10 million views

    Professor Emeritus Jim Kaler's educational websites, including the ever-popular Star of the Week and STARS, have surpassed 10 million views since 1997! Many thanks to Jim for his amazing websites! ... Full Details

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