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M2 9: Wings of a Butterfly Nebula

Star of the Week

  • SIGMA VIR (Sigma Virginis, actually more commonly known by its Flamsteed number, 60 Vir)

    Cool class M stars, whether dwarfs, giants, or supergiants, are usually of interest, especially those that seem isolated. Sitting in a relatively blank area of Virgo (the Maiden), between Vindemiatrix and Heze, fifth magnitude (4.80) Sigma Virginis, a class M (M2) giant, seems to fit the bill. ... Full Details



Chu and Chandra

  • Mani Chandra Named Second Chu Award Winner

    Graduate student Mani Chandra has been named the second recipient of the Mr. and Mrs. Hsiang-Pai and Wen-Hua Chu Department of Astronomy Excellence in Research Graduate Student Award. Congratulations! This award is now fully endowed and it will be awarded annually. ...

  • Illinois Astronomer finds Universe expanding faster than expected

    Using Hubble Telescope observations of exploding stars, Prof. Ryan Foley and collaborators have revised upwards the rate of cosmic expansion. ... Full Details

  • 16 Students Graduate from Astronomy

    Congratulations to the Astronomy Class of 2016 for a job well done! Best wishes on your future endeavors--you make us proud! ...

  • Illinois Astronomers Help Discover 'Dark Galaxy'

    A team of researchers, including astronomers at the University of Illinois, have uncovered the existence of a dwarf "dark galaxy" lurking nearly 4 billion light-years away from Earth. The discovery was made using the Blue Waters supercomputer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. ... Full Details

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