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Light Pillars over Alaska

Star of the Week

  • GAMMA COL (Gamma Columbae)

    Dropping south of Orion we run into the Hunter's prey, Lepus (the Hare) and then into the pretty triangle that makes the most prominent part of the modern constellation, Columba (the Dove), composed of the three brightest stars, Alpha, Beta, and Epsilon Columbae. Gamma Col oddly ranks not third in ... Full Details


  • Alumni Evening at Adler Planetarium on February 27

    The Astronomy Department invites alumni and friends to an exclusive event at Adler Planetarium. Meet our faculty and hear about their latest discoveries. The evening includes a reception, a customized sky show, dinner with a panoramic view of Chicago, and a stroll through Adler exhibits. ... Full Details

  • Observations Reveal Dramatic New Evidence About Star, Planet Formation

    A detailed study of young stars and their surroundings has produced dramatic new evidence about how the dusty disks that are the raw material for planets grow. The team, led by Dominique Segura-Cox, found that the disks around some of the protostars are larger than some theoretical models predict. ... Full Details

  • Twisted Magnetic Fields Give New Insights on Star Formation

    Using new images that show unprecedented detail, scientists have found that material rotating around a very young protostar probably has dragged in and twisted magnetic fields from the surrounding area. Illinois astronomers Leslie Looney and Erin Cox lead the team studying the protostar. ... Full Details


    Catalogs of galaxies and stars derived from the data collected during the Dark Energy Survey’s science verification season prior to beginning official observations have been released to the public. Astronomy buffs can download the data from NCSA, which manages data processing and archiving for DES. ... Full Details

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