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Rosetta and Comet Outbound

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  • MU-1 and MU-2 PAV (Mu-1 and Mu-2 Pavonis)

    At sixth and fifth magnitude (5.76 and 5.31), Mu-1 and Mu-2 Pavonis (in Pavo, the Peacock) appear as a faint naked-eye double just a degree southwest of much brighter Delta Pav. Deep in the southern celestial hemisphere, the two are only 23 degrees from the South Celestial Pole. ... Full Details



    This month marks the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which outlines principles of space, time and gravity. Stuart Shapiro, professor of physics and astronomy and an expert in general relativity, talks about the theory, what it is and what we’ve learned in 100 ye ... Full Details

  • Machine Learning Could Solve Riddles of Galaxy Formation

    A new, faster modeling technique for galaxy formation has been developed by University of Illinois student Harshil Kamdar and professor Robert Brunner. The technique uses machine learning to cut down computing times from thousands of computing hours to mere minutes. ... Full Details

  • New Astronomy Faculty

    The Astronomy Department is pleased to welcome two new faculty members, Xin Liu and Yue Shen, for the Fall 2015 semester. Prof. Liu was recently a Hubble Fellow at UCLA. Prof. Shen was a Hubble Fellow at Carnegie Observatories. Please join us in welcoming Xin and Yue to the University of Illinois! ...

  • Newly Promoted Astronomy Faculty

    The Astronomy Department congratulates Robert Brunner on his promotion to full professor, effective Fall 2015. Prof. Brunner's research program spans several different areas, including the application of data mining and machine learning to astronomy and data-intensive computing in cosmology. ...

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