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Lyrids in Southern Skies

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  • CHI CNC (Chi Cancri)

    Though only fifth magnitude (5.14), Chi Cancri nevertheless is part of the outline (at least that used here; others differ) of Cancer, the Crab, whose fame comes not from its bright stars but from its position in the ancient Zodiac, situated between Gemini and Leo. Don't confuse it with Chi Geminorum, which lies across the border in Gemini just 3.7 degrees to the west and is an ordinary orange K2 giant 256 light years away. Chi Cancri on the other hand is very different; ... Full Details



  • El Gordo as Astronomy Photo of the Day

    Felipe Menanteau's work on the Hubble/Chandra Project of El Gordo is the Astronomy Picture of the Day. ... Full Details

  • Jim Kaler is the News-Gazette's Person of the Week

    JIm Kaler, Professor Emeritus, is the Person of the Week in the April 13, 2014 edition. Read about it here. ... Full Details

  • New ALMA Telescope Tracks Cosmic Dawn

    National Geographic has recently published an article about the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Joaquin Vieira, Assistant Professor, has already used ALMA. He and fellow researchers found that galaxies started forming stars about a billion years earlier than previously thought. ... Full Details

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