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The Great Carina Nebula

Star of the Week

  • CHI-1 HYA (Chi-1 Hydrae)

    Odd coincidences abound among the stars, probably because there are so many of them. Chi-1 Hydrae (in Hydra, the very long Water Serpent) lies just 8.4 minutes of arc almost exactly west of Chi-2, seven-tenths the separation between Mizar and Alcor in Ursa Major. ... Full Details



Astronomy Grads 2016

  • 16 Students Graduate from Astronomy

    Congratulations to the Astronomy Class of 2016 for a job well done! Best wishes on your future endeavors--you make us proud! ...

  • Illinois Astronomers Help Discover 'Dark Galaxy'

    A team of researchers, including astronomers at the University of Illinois, have uncovered the existence of a dwarf "dark galaxy" lurking nearly 4 billion light-years away from Earth. The discovery was made using the Blue Waters supercomputer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. ... Full Details

  • Graduates Students win Awards

    Several graduate students have won awards recently. Erin Cox and Dominique Segura-Cox have won the Graduate College Academic Excellence and Good Citizenship Award. Andrew Nadolski is one of the winners of the 2016 NSF Graduate Fellowship. Miguel Holgado won a DOE NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate F ... Full Details

  • New Evidence for Near-Earth Supernova Explosions Test Illinois Astronomers' Predictions

    Evidence of two near-Earth supernova explosions appears in the current issue of Nature. Prof. Brian Fields discusses these new findings and how nearby supernovae could affect the Earth. ... Full Details

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