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Stanley Wyatt Memorial Award

The Stanley Wyatt Memorial Award is awarded annually to the graduating Astronomy major or minor with the most outstanding GPA and track record of undergraduate research.

Wyatt Award Winners

Layla Suzanne Ryan Memorial Scholarship

Through the generosity of the Ryan family, the Layla Suzanne Ryan Scholarship was founded in 2007.  The scholarship is awarded annually to a student who:

Department of Astronomy will select a recipient based on a competitive application process, and the award will be presented at LAS Honors Convocation at the end of the spring semester.

About the Layla S. Ryan Scholarship:

Layla S. Ryan was a very inquisitive, analytical young woman.  She felt at home studying astronomy and physics at Illinois.  Layla immensely enjoyed the Astronomy program at Illinois along with the faculty members and peers.   She found her place volunteering and especially tutoring. She was insistent on making the world a better place.  Layla volunteered in her community to share her knowledge of the field with others.  Her goals included fostering the love of the sciences in young people.  Outside the classroom, Layla was a fierce competitor and avid photographer.  She played golf well knowing her limitations and using them to her advantage.  Her photographs both of nature and the galaxy captured the essence of her subject.

The Ryan family created this award to honor Layla and her dream of instilling passion for it in others.   Layla‚Äôs legacy lives on through this award and through the Layla S. Ryan Scholars.

Layla S. Ryan Scholars