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Astronomy Major (LAS Science and Letters Curriculum)

The major in astronomy, administered by the Department of Astronomy, is based upon both a broad and an in-depth exploration into astronomy and allied disciplines, and is an excellent way to gain a general science education. It may be chosen by students who wish to have an astronomy research career or an astronomy background for use in related fields, such as working in national laboratories, observatories, planetariums, NASA, aerospace industry, many computer-related fields, journalism, or science writing.

Astronomy Minor

The minor in astronomy is designed to broaden the student's knowledge of science and our place in the universe. The minor in Astronomy will benefit especially those students who are eager to learn astronomy but who do not anticipate it to be their career. The Astronomy minor is also suitable for students who intend to pursue careers in areas that may benefit from a good knowledge of astronomy such as aerospace industry, science writing, scientific journalism, or science teaching in schools.

Computer science + astronomy major

Do you love pursuing and discovering new knowledge? Would you like to apply your problem-solving skills and computational expertise to big-impact mysteries like the origins of life and our universe? If you answered yes to either question, then you should consider the CS+Astronomy major.

Astrophysics Technical Elective Options (Physics)

Students majoring in either the LAS Science & Letters Physics curriculum or the Engineering Physics curriculum must elect a set of technical or professional courses that address an intellectually coherent body of knowledge. Pre-approved options in Astrophysics are available for both programs.

General Education Courses

Every semester, the Astronomy Department offers several general education courses for studens interested in learning more about astronomy. Check our current course offerings to find an astronomy course for you!

Engineering Technical Electives

Many upper-division courses offered by the Astronomy Department qualify as technical electives for undergraduate programs in the College of Engineering. Consult your departmental academic advising office for a complete list of Astronomy courses that qualify.


To get answers to your questions about our undergraduate programs in astronomy or to schedule a visit, contact Bryan Dunne.