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Planetarium Session Information

Fall 2017

A special planetarium show to illustrate the motions of the sky for introductory astronomy classes will be held at Staerkel Planetarium at Parkland College in Champaign.

Session Dates, Reservations, and Cost

Session Dates: Planetarium sessions will be held on the following days:

The planetarium doors open at 6:30pm. The sessions begin at 7pm and last until 8:20pm.

Reservations: The planetarium sessions are by reservation only because of limited space. You must sign up in advance via the Planetarium Session Online Reservation Form.

Door Charge: Tickets for the session are $3.00 at the door, please bring exact change to make life easier for the planetarium staff. Checks are accepted, but not debit/credit cards.

Be advised that if evening classes at Parkland College are canceled due to severe weather, the planetarium will be closed as well. If there is inclement weather on the night of a show, check local news sources before heading out to verify local closings.

Getting to the Planetarium

Directions are available for driving or riding a CU-MTD bus.

Driving to the Planetarium

Directions: Parkland College is located 2400 W. Bradley Avenue in Champaign (west of Mattis Avenue). Click on the map icon below to see the locations of Parkland, the U of I, and major Champaign-Urbana streets.

Champaign-Urbana map showing Parkland College and U of I

Parking: Staerkel Planetarium is situated on the west side of the Parkland Campus. It may be located by the distinctive triangular Cultural Center open-air arch that connects the Parkland Theatre and the Staerkel Planetarium. Park in the M-1 lot just north of the planetarium dome and follow the signs to the planetarium (see the map below).

Map to get to the planetarium

Riding the Bus to the Planetarium

CU-MTD Bus Routes: Several CU-MTD bus routes offer service from campus and the downtown areas of Champaign & Urbana to Parkland College. The times of departure and arrival are summarized below. Click the individual route links for a more detailed version of the bus schedules and route maps.

Buses to Parkland
Bus Route Departs Downtown Urbana Departs Green & Wright (By Everitt Lab) Departs Illinois Terminal
(Downtown Champaign)
Arrives Parkland
7W Grey 5:20 pm -- 5:40 pm 6:00 pm
5:52 pm -- 6:14 pm 6:32 pm
9B Brown -- 5:35 pm 5:42 pm 5:57 pm
-- 6:22 pm 6:28 pm 6:41 pm

Buses from Parkland
Bus Route Departs Parkland Arrives Illinois Terminal
(Downtown Champaign)
Arrives Illini Union Arrives Downtown Urbana
50E Green 8:35 pm 8:51 pm 8:59 pm 9:05 pm
8:50 pm 9:06 pm 9:14 pm 9:20 pm
70E Grey 8:34 pm 8:50 pm -- 9:10 pm
9:04 pm 9:20 pm -- 9:40 pm

From the Bus Stop to the Planetarium: Staerkel Planetarium is situated on the west side of the Parkland Campus. Parkland College opened a new student union in the fall of 2014. The bus stop, which was relocated during the construction, is back to the main entrance to the college. Enter the building through this entrance, by the revolving door, and veer to your right, passed the information desk, into a narrow hallway. You’ll turn left and briefly go back outside and then inside again. You’re now in the L-wing. Walk straight through the L-wing, past the Art Gallery, to the entrance of M-wing. Then follow the signs to the Staerkel Planetarium.

Map to get to the planetarium

An interactive map appears here: